Compliments and Complaints procedure

We are always eager to receive feedback from parents and we welcome positive feedback if you think we are doing things well. An annual questionnaire is also sent out to parents which provides another valuable opportunity for feedback from parents. We encourage an open dialogue between home and school and we expect all our children, members of staff and parents to listen carefully and be respectfully to each other

Should a parent have a complaint about any aspect of the school then they should first approach the class teacher. If the outcome is not viewed as satisfactory the complaint should then be referred to the Headteacher. At this stage the Headteacher will, in most cases, resolve the matter to the satisfaction of all concerned without the recourse to the Complaints Procedure. Should the consultation with the Headteacher fail to resolve the situation then the complaint may be directed to the Governing Body and ultimately to the Secretary of State for Education. A copy of the Complaints Policy is available from the school office.