Admissions Policy

In consultation with the school governors the Local Authority determines the number of pupils that may be admitted in each academic year. Children are admitted into our Nursery class in September that follows their 3rd birthday. We have 13 places available for the morning session and a further 13 places available for the afternoon session.

Children start on a full time basis in our Reception class in the September that follows their 4th birthday. We have 30 places available. Children who attend our nursery are not automatically admitted into Reception class, parents will need to complete the required application form.

Places for both Nursery and Reception classes are allocated by the Pupil Support Services of Staffordshire County Council.

Starting school

Before children start in our Nursery we invite parents and children into school to familiarise themselves with the environment and the teaching staff who will shape learning in this very important stage of their education. Developing a working and honest relationship with our parents is essential at all stages in our school.