Work together… Learn together… Reach for the sky

School Information

Mission Statement

“Work Together...Learn Together...Reach for the Sky”

Our mission statement emphasises the need to work together and learn together within a caring environment demanding high standards and achievement.

Our school aims

We will assist pupils in leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Organisation of the school

The Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception

Children are taught with the emphasis on learning through play. We maintain a high ratio of teaching staff to pupils and facilities inside and outside provide exceptional learning experiences for our children.

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

We continue to provide a broad, balanced curriculum in Key Stage 1 with an emphasis on teaching English and mathematics. We develop reading and writing through a phonics based programme and equip our children with the basics that will enable them to take the Standard Attainment Tests (SATS) at the end of Year 2.

Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to 6)

Within Key Stage 2, children continue to follow the National Curriculum developing their independent learning skills which will equip them for their next stage of education.

On leaving school we aim to have created confident, well rounded individuals who enjoy learning and have met and hopefully exceeded National expectations relevant to their own stage of development.

Starting school

Before children start in our Nursery we invite parents and children into school to familiarise themselves with the environment and the teaching staff who will shape learning in this very important stage of their education. Developing a working and honest relationship with our parents is essential at all stages in our school.

Admissions Policy

In consultation with the school governors the Local Authority determines the number of pupils that may be admitted in each academic year. Children are admitted into our Nursery class in September that follows their 3rd birthday. We have 13 places available for the morning session and a further 13 places available for the afternoon session.

Children start on a full time basis in our Reception class in the September that follows their 4th birthday. We have 30 places available. Children who attend our nursery are not automatically admitted into Reception class, parents will need to complete the required application form. 

Places for both Nursery and Reception classes are allocated by the Pupil Support Services of Staffordshire County Council.

In Partnership

We know that successful learning takes place when we work together with families. This makes partnerships central to our work.

We have a very active Parent, Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA) who work tirelessly to support the school.

Being part of our local community is very important. We feel a responsibility to help children understand the diverse community in which we live. By letting our buildings to outside agencies we become a focal point of life in the community which is so important in developing our school as a learning community.

We work hard to involve parents in the life of school and are committed to developing links between home and school through events such as our science week, family learning programmes, family assemblies and through our constant desire to maintain an open door policy.

Teaching and Learning

Our teachers use a range of teaching and learning strategies to keep learning active, stimulating, engaging and suited to all children’s needs.

We try to personalise learning and ultimately create lifelong learners who are confident and independent, leaving primary school with a love and thirst for learning.

Children are supported by skilled teaching assistants who enhance the teaching and learning experience for all our pupils.

Extra Curricular Provision

We pride ourselves on the range and quality of extra curricular activities available to all our children. All teachers organise clubs which take place after and during the school day. Examples of clubs include: art, science, football, French, cricket, recorders, choir, netball, ball skills, fundamental movement, gymnastics and cycling.

We also take part in a variety of competitive sports with our older children representing the school in cricket, athletics, football, netball, cross country, and rounders.

Other unique opportunities available include visits to Staffordshire residential centres in Years 3 & 6 and every two years children are given the opportunity to visit France as part of their cultural studies.

Care Club – Extended school Provision

We are committed to providing care facilities for children whose parents work outside school hours. We also welcome children who attend neighbouring schools and prices are set to enable parents to return to work. Quality provision in our care club is essential for our children’s well being.

Special Educational Needs

We are committed to ensuring that children reach their full potential. Children who are identified as requiring extra support are carefully monitored and their parents are involved in setting appropriate targets for their learning.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator plays a vital role in school, supporting all of our teachers and leading a team of trained and experienced Teaching Assistants. We also involve a number of outside agencies who provide additional support.
The Reginald Mitchell Primary School has gained Dyslexia Friendly Status.

Rules and discipline

Children achieve high standards in calm and orderly environments. Everyone has the right to feel safe, cared for and respected. We treat all pupils equally and fairly and everyone must be able to play and learn without disruption.

Good behaviour is constantly rewarded and this positive approach to behaviour enables all pupils to thrive. We say NO to bullying whether verbal or physical and it has no place within our school.

Excellent behaviour and work is celebrated within assemblies and throughout our classes with the giving of targeted praise, stickers, team points and other positive rewards.

School Council and Leadership Opportunities

Each class has two elected representatives who sit on our school council. They represent the views of their peers and the council creates a forum in which views and ideas can be aired and changes made in the school which have been discussed by council members.

Children are also given opportunities to act as playleaders, organising games and activities during lunch and break times. Our year 6 children act as prefects helping and caring for our younger children.


Regular and punctual attendance at school promotes good progress and attitudes to learning. Parents are discouraged from taking children out of school for holidays during term time since this means that they are missing valuable learning.


If your child is unable to attend school due to illness it is important that the school office is informed before 9.30am. The school operates a system whereby parents are contacted if their child is absent without parental notification.

School Meals

We have an excellent school meal service available to all pupils. We are committed to providing healthy food choices. Children who feel they may be entitled to free school meals are asked to contact the office staff for further assistance.

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

The Reginald Mitchell School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Parents can feel confident that procedures are in place to ensure that all staff and volunteers are suitable to work with children. We have two designated members of staff with a school Governor with special responsibility for Child Protection. CRB checks are processed for all adults including staff, volunteers and parent helpers. All staff receive Child Protection training. Staff hope that parents and children will feel free to talk about any concerns or worries which may affect educational progress and that they will see the school as a safe place.

All children will be taken seriously if they seek help from a member of staff. Parents will normally be consulted and their consent obtained before any referral is made to an outside agency under the Staffordshire Safeguarding Children Board procedures. However staff cannot guarantee to consult parents first or to keep children’s concerns confidential if referral must be made to the appropriate agencies in order to safeguard the child’s welfare.

The Schools Governing Body

All schools are required by law to form a Governing Body. It is composed of members from different sections of the community and all Governors are chosen to bring a variety of views and expertise to help manage the school. The role of the Governing Body is to act collectively and not as individuals. They have legal duties, powers and responsibilities for all aspects of school life.

Compliments and Complaints procedure

We are always eager to receive feedback from parents and we welcome positive feedback if you think we are doing things well. An annual questionnaire is also sent out to parents which provides another valuable opportunity for feedback from parents. We encourage an open dialogue between home and school and we expect all our children, members of staff and parents to listen carefully and be respectfully to each other

Should a parent have a complaint about any aspect of the school then they should first approach the class teacher. If the outcome is not viewed as satisfactory the complaint should then be referred to the Headteacher. At this stage the Headteacher will, in most cases, resolve the matter to the satisfaction of all concerned without the recourse to the Complaints Procedure. Should the consultation with the Headteacher fail to resolve the situation then the complaint may be directed to the Governing Body and ultimately to the Secretary of State for Education. A copy of the Complaints Policy is available from the school office.

Equal Opportunities

Our primary objective in school is to educate, develop and prepare all our pupils whatever their sex, colour, culture, origin, disability or ability. The schools Equal Opportunities policy is available from the school office.


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